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    Hi, I bought this blackberry from someone, and unlocked it myself with a code from online, and I'm pretty sure everything was working fine until i unlocked it (it was a rogers phone and I'm with koodo). I went to rogers, and was really scared I was going to get into trouble and just said that someone else unlocked it and sold it to me, and they said that unlocking it sometimes totally wrecks the phone! The phone itself was in perfect condition until I unlocked it, now it won't open any facebook, youtube or email (and i don't have a browser?). I've taken it to koodo several times and talked with reps on the phone for HOURS and they have yet to do anything about it. I was on their blackberry plan which included data - but it still didn't work. BBM worked, but nothing else. I'm ASSUMING based on what the rogers guy told me, that it's the software that's totally ruined, but does anyone know how to fix that? SURELY it's fixable, right? I don't know of any blackberry tech people in my city, but would that be my best bet - trying to find someone else to fix it? Or can I do it myself?
    01-15-13 10:07 PM
  2. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    hello and welcome to crackberry.

    I would suggest reloading the whole operating system. It will still be unlocked. I have an unlocked rogers 9900 that works great

    Check the 9900 forums to find out how:

    01-15-13 10:11 PM

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