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    Half the time I try to go to a website using the standard browser on my curve 8530, the page won't load, or if it does it takes forever. This just started to happen about 2 weeks ago. It started happening after I forgot to top up my Virgin Mobile prepaid account for it, they then cut my service for a few hours until I was able to top up, and pay for my month. I tried re-sending the service books, and re-registering the host routing table, but that doesn't work. This happens on both wifi, and cellular. Also, everytime I try to install or upgrade anything from app world, it's almost impossible, because of how slow it is. It literally takes almost an hour to install a 3MB app.
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    06-28-12 08:17 PM
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    Maybe it is time to check the available memory on the smartphone. If there is plenty of memory, then perhaps take a back-up of the device contents and perform a security wipe and reinstall the applications and the backed up data using a selective restore.
    06-28-12 08:22 PM
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    Does a backup, backup all my BBM contacts and groups? Also, I am the admin of a group, will it remember my status as an admin?
    06-28-12 08:34 PM
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    Just wanted to let you know, I did a security wipe, and all is working now.
    06-29-12 03:18 AM