1. roadwarrior69's Avatar
    Does anyone know why I loose data connect, and require a battery pull after a long phone call.

    If I'm on long call my yahoo-im looses connection and I can't connect to a web page until I pull the battery

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    04-20-09 04:17 PM
  2. roadwarrior69's Avatar
    I resent service books, but didn't seem to work. Maybe need to reload os, will try that next.

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    04-21-09 04:21 PM
  3. Username00089's Avatar
    The way I see it is that being connected to Yahoo is data. I don't know what sort of connection US Cellular uses or even if they're CDMA or GSM. But if it runs the Edge network, then voice and data cannot work at the same time. Unless on 3G which I don't think your carrier has.

    With that said, you're saying that after you end the phone call and try to sign back into Yahoo, you're not able to unless you do a battery pull?
    04-21-09 04:24 PM
  4. Speedv1's Avatar
    Reload definitely. Possibly upgrade / downgrade (I'm not too aware to the 8830 os versions available, so maybe try a different one?)
    04-21-09 04:25 PM
  5. realitycheck#CB's Avatar
    I noticed mine disconnected from my wifi connection today during the call but reconnected by itself.
    04-21-09 06:27 PM