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    There are custom motorcycles, custom cars, custom computers and so on. I have been interested in a custom Blackberry. Searched every way I know how on the net, all I get is custom cases, paint, accessories or things of that nature. What I am looking for is someone who can rip out the guts of, let's say an 8330 curve. And shove them into the housing of a 7000 series.
    I'm thinking it would be easy to bring the trackball over, along with the guts. The screens can't be swapped so that might create problems with being able to see superior graphic improvements since the 7000 series. Basically, I like the feel of a bigger Blackberry and I'd like to see if this has ever been done. You guys on this site seem pretty inventive at finding people who do strange things to their machines

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    09-14-08 06:17 AM