1. crc2253's Avatar
    My berry was stolen a week ago. My new one (8320) arrived today with the blah os. My last berry had 4.5 with L theme. Can someone point me in the right direction for the newest os for my new berry and directions on how to install. been so long I forgot. Thanks for the help.
    11-12-08 11:07 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    11-12-08 11:14 PM
  3. kcurve's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your berry. Hope you can get your new one up and running quickly!
    11-12-08 11:17 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Oh and if you haven't already, call your carrier and have them
    disable your phone so that the thief or buyer can't benefit from
    your loss.
    11-12-08 11:25 PM
  5. crc2253's Avatar
    Thanks so much.
    11-12-08 11:31 PM
  6. CipherDias's Avatar
    Search, Please Use The Forum Search Function!!!
    11-13-08 01:44 AM