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    When I delete pictures off my phone while it's plugged into my PC, is there any way to continue the numbering from the latest photo residing on the phone?

    For example, if the last photo is IMG00604.JPG and I delete IMG00102.JPG the next photo sometimes gets the filename of IMG00103.JPG or any number in between 102 and 604, I'm not sure how it decides. I'd like the numbering to continue from 605 so I don't end up with duplicate filenames on my PC later.

    Is this even possible?

    12-04-08 08:17 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    It isn't. The phone will choose the lowest available unused number
    first and go on from there until it has exhausted them all.

    So if you have 300 pictures and delete #15, 22, 27, 101 and
    238 it will use those first (in order) before going to 301.

    If you have s/ware that allows you to batch rename files
    that might be an option. I have not tried that though.
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    12-04-08 08:32 AM
  3. jenfavre's Avatar
    That's what I feared. Thanks for the response!
    12-04-08 09:09 AM