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    I had just gotten a Curve- it was just a couple weeks before the iPhone was coming out. Had a Pearl before it and fell in love with the Curve when i held it at the ATT store the day it came out so i bought it. Im a gadget ***** and couldnt help my wandering eyes when the iPhone was released. My girlfriend (a Pearl owner at the time) suprised me by purchasing the iPhone for me and in turn she took over my Curve. Well the months passed and needless to say the iPhone had some GREAT features but seemed to fall short in all the areas i had come to love with my BB Curve. I finally had it last week when my e-mails were not being downloaded properly and i sold my iPhone to a friend, who like i did, was willing to give up his beloved BB Pearl and a couple hundred bucks for it. Happy to be back with a BB but still missing and coveting my girlfriends Curve (who snickered at me in triumph multiple times) i walked into an ATT store and sulked around the new Curve 8310 Titanium. Oh how glorious it was sitting there. But not wanting to pay the full retail price (i wasnt due for an upgrade) i was ready to walk out. Then it happened- a very kind ATT employee took me under his wing and guided me to the light! He up-graded the second of the two phones on my account (why didnt i think of that) and now i have a new 8310 Titanium.
    Thank you BB and mister ATT employee dude... i only know of one way to express my joy and thanks to you...and it is through the art of song

    "i can see clearly now the rain is gone..."

    Never again will i stray from my trusty BB

    12-09-07 11:34 PM
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    Viva Los BB!

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    12-09-07 11:38 PM
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    Well glad to hear that you came back! I almost strayed to an iPhone towards the end of my 30 day trial with a few phones before I picked up my 8300 curve and I can say I am glad that I did not because I love my curve!


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    12-10-07 01:31 AM
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    I too fell victim of the "crack addiction". Had a pearl then when the iphone came out I was against it but something inside of me just had to get it. Had it for 4 months but always loved the bb. Picked up the 8310 to hopefully just "get it out of my system" but close to the 30 days they give you realized that I needed it. Went back to the att store where I picked up the iphones and my att guy there took care of me to get not one but two bb8310's. My gf got sucked into the bb life. I sold my iphone and gladly say that never looked back with any regrets. I don't know what it is but I'm an addict 4 life.

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    12-10-07 11:54 AM
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    Did the same thing--had a Pearl, which I really liked, then figured when the curve came out that it would be all the things I loved about the Pearl but with a QWERTY keyboard, so I went out and got that as soon as it came out. I have to admit, I was disappointed with the Curve, and I'm not sure I could really tell you why. I guess the keyboard wasn't as good as I thought it would be (actually made fewer mistakes with the Pearl's SureType!), and I just found it--boring. That's about as well as I can articulate it. (AT&T's awful theme that doesn't let you use your own wallpaper certainly didn't help, LOL).

    When the iPhone was being hyped prior to its launch I never dreamed of getting one, since I hate touch screens, but as the other poster said, something in me just had to have one when it came out. Boy did that love affair flame out quickly! The keyboard was so terrible I came close to throwing it out the window several times, and having to slide and tap everything multiple times just to get to a single function I could get to with one touch of a blackberry button got really old, really fast. So now I'm back to the Pearl, and loving it! The iPhone was a cool, glitzy toy, but I guess you don't really know what you need until you've lived with something for awhile, and the BB just does what I need it to, quickly and efficiently. Glad to be back!!
    12-10-07 06:07 PM
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    "My girlfriend (a Pearl owner at the time) suprised me by purchasing the iPhone for me and in turn she took over my Curve."
    Smart Girlfriend, She know a good thing (most of the time) and how to go about getting what she wants.
    "but still missing and coveting my girlfriends Curve (who snickered at me in triumph multiple times)"
    Now she got one up on you, but there are nothing wrong with coveting your girlfriend "Curve" just make sure you keep your eyes only on her Curve and you'll be in good shape.
    12-11-07 12:29 AM