1. bigswinger08's Avatar
    I am looking at buying a curve and would like to sync it with my work email, microsoft outlook. I have talked to our IT dept. and they do not have much knowledge on working with Blackberry's, they have told me that "the best phones to work with microsoft exchange are window based (treo's and Q's) If it is capable of working with active sync then it should be able to talk to the server, best bet is to talk to your phone provider." I have talked to sprint and they have not given be a definite answer either, Can someone please help me to assure me that if I purchase the phone I will be able to use my work outlook email. I am able to check my email off campus by logging into the internet at home or in a hotel, if it will not sync with our system, is this an option to check emails through the internet. As you can tell I am not very savy on these issue. Please point in the right direction.
    09-15-08 01:00 PM
  2. Janey_G's Avatar
    I have Outlook Office and my email, contacts, etc. sync fine.

    I don't think that you can get into your email unless you can access your server at work. That would have to be set up by your office. There are a lot of programs that are used to do just that.

    I would also talk to your provider. They would be able to answer your questions the best.
    09-15-08 01:34 PM
  3. Blueraven's Avatar
    Well, I can only speak for my situation.

    I got my Curve about three weeks ago.

    If you company has Outlook Web Access, then you should have no problem getting e-mails on your BB if you use your company e-mail address.

    I have no problem with syncing with my work PC and I work for a major International Company with a huge IT Dept. and tons of security software on my PC.

    If you want to sync your work computer with your BB and your IT Dept. doesn't have a problem with you loading Blackberry Desktop on your PC, then you should be OK.

    I would ask around with some of your fellow employees and see if anyone of them has done this.

    09-15-08 07:40 PM