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    I have had a Curve 8900 for a few months now and I like everything about it but the fact that I cannot get handsfree over bluetooth to work.

    I have tried it with a Blueant SuperTooth3 and the in car system in my 2009 Mazda5. Both experience the exact same problem. The phone connects and appears to work, I can dial from the phone, dial via bluetooth, detect incoming calls, pick up calls, hang up calls. Seems like it's working right? Well it does until I try to talk to someone; I cannot get the audio from the other person on the handsfree kit and they can't hear me. So it basically answers calls and then just ignores the fact that perhaps I would like to use the call for talking to a person. When I transfer back to the handset in call everything works and then I dump it back to BT and it stops.

    I have tested this with another Rogers Curve 8900 and have gotten the same results.

    Both Handsfree devices work with my old RAZR that I replaced when I bought the Blackberry.

    Critical Info:
    Handset -> Rogers Curve 8900
    Software Revisions Tried -> shipping and
    Handsfree Kit -> 2009 Mazda5 Built in Kit, Blueant SuperTooth3

    Both devices claim to work with the Curve 8900 and when I called the helpline they said they have done it before.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    09-08-09 09:05 AM
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    Try something else.

    Some devices just aren't happy in (certain) cars.

    The guy with the Bentley couldn't get anything to work.

    Just gotta keep trying.
    09-08-09 09:19 AM