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    Hey, Guys

    I have an opportunity to upgrade my 8830WE, and wanted to get thoughts and opinions on the three phones that I have narrowed my choices to:

    Curve 8530 - free to me with new-every-two
    Tour 9630 - free to me with new-every-two
    Bold 9650 - $50

    Some of the things I am curious about:

    GPS - I only saw GPS available on the Curve 8530. Is GPS availabe on the other two, also? Is GPS gimped on these phones much like it is on the 8830WE? Specifically, I'd like to be able to do stuff with GPS on the Google Maps app.

    Trackpad vs. Trackball - What are your preferences? I've become accustomed to the trackball on the 8830WE. For the most part, it functions very well. Occasionally it gets jammed up with debris, but it's usually only temporarily frustrating, and has yet to be fatal. Is the Trackpad a pain in the tush? Or, is it totally awesome?

    256MB vs. 512MB - Is the additional system memory in the Bold 9650 a must have? I have been living with this memory challenged 8830WE with little gripes, honestly. Is the difference in memory worth the Trackpad (if it's a pain) and the $50 cost?

    I appreciate your feedback! Thank you!
    The Elf
    09-20-10 09:20 AM
  2. syb0rg's Avatar
    The bold does have GPS (BlackBerry - BlackBerry Bold Smartphone Product Detail)
    The Curve does have GPS (BlackBerry - Curve 8500 Mobile Phone - New BlackBerry Curve 8500 Phone)

    The track pad is the later of the two you mentioned, it's pretty totally awesome ! ! ! it's not a chore to change from the Trackball to the Trackpad... it's pretty seamless.

    and when it comes to the memory, OS6 is slowly starting to roll out, with that being said it's a fairly large OS, and 256MB will not leave you much room for add on applications, i would suggest getting the Bold 9650 for 50.00 the extra memory will come in handy when the new OS6 is released....
    09-20-10 09:33 AM
  3. MACKSnare519's Avatar
    If all you have to spend is 50 bucks, then the 9650 is the best choice hands down.

    Coming from an 8330, I've had my experiences with the trackball. And now that I'm on a device that has the trackpad, I can say my transition from the two was seemless. I use my trackpad as if I have always had one. It feels natural. No PITA at all.

    On the extra memory, since neither the 8530 or the 9630 are receiving OS 6, app memory is not much of an issue. With either of them you should have more than enough room to add all the apps you want.

    One huge avantage that the 9650 has is that its getting the new OS(there is even a leak out for it). That is where the extra memory would come in.

    Also, out of the three the 9630 does not have wi-fi. And also, the 8530 has a lower res. screen, and I think a slower processor. Both the 9630 and 9650 have superior cameras.

    Can't go wrong with the 9650.

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    09-20-10 09:42 AM
  4. spiraleze's Avatar
    GPS is fully enabled on all the phones. Google Maps is one of my favorite apps on my Bold 9650.
    The track-pad on my Bold 9650 is (IMO) much better than the trackball was on my Tour 9630. The track-pad is just much more 'repeatable'.
    That along with the WiFi on the Bold makes it worth it (IMO) to spend the extra $50.

    Another benefit is the extra memory is going to allow the Bold to accept software upgrades (OS 6.0) that the other two units will probably not receive.

    Hope this helped.
    09-20-10 09:43 AM
  5. lnichols's Avatar
    If those are the choices, get the 9650. It will at least have some sort of minuscule upgrade path, the others are dead ends. Or you can wait for the 9330 to come out in a few weeks which will also have some sort of upgrade path. I'm going to wait a while and see how officially released OS 6 loads actually run on these devices before upgrading from my 9630. I don't trust RIM on QA or upgrades to OS 6 at this point based on these "refresh" devices.
    09-20-10 10:11 AM
  6. the_elf's Avatar
    Sounds like the 9650 is the way to go if I can manage to cough up the $50 for it. All have fully enabled GPS (thank God!), trackpad on 9650 > trackpad on 9630 (and not a PITA).

    Thank you all for your feedback. All that's left is to actually put my hands on one in a store just to be absolutely certain.
    09-20-10 11:00 AM
  7. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    If you go the 9650 route you will not be dissapointed! It's a fantastic phone
    09-20-10 11:11 AM
  8. bbhelper's Avatar
    Just so you know 9630 is currently end of life and the 8530 will be when the 3G (9330). I believe your question should be 9650 or 9330.
    09-20-10 12:51 PM
  9. mojosingle's Avatar
    Just so you know 9630 is currently end of life and the 8530 will be when the 3G (9330). I believe your question should be 9650 or 9330.
    Agree. And OS6 has already leaked for the 9330. Also don't forget to explore your options on pricing and your upgrade. You don't necessarily have to go back to your carrier's store to do your upgrade. Best Buy & Walmart can do the upgrade for you as well and the prices are often much lower at those big box stores then they are at your carrier's local store.

    09-20-10 01:01 PM
  10. pkcable's Avatar
    Spend the 50! Get the 9650, you wont regret it! Also you MIGHT be able to sell your 8830 for 50 and thus it's FREE!!!!!
    09-20-10 01:11 PM
  11. avt123's Avatar
    The 9650 is the best out of all of those choices. Get the Bold.
    09-20-10 01:39 PM
  12. powderbanks's Avatar
    go with the 9650. i had a tour, then cracked the screen. through the insurance i got a bold as the $50 replacement, because the tour 'was no longer available.' it's been great. at first i wasn't sure about the trackpad, but it's awesome. i like it so much better than the ball. i can use my bb in a waterproof bag without having to take it now. and i don't have to worry about getting stuff stuck in the ball. the wifi is an added plus. then there's os 6. i spent $50 and couldn't be happier with it.
    09-20-10 01:41 PM