1. HollyGoLightly's Avatar
    While reading a friends blog I came across a this link to amazon.com where you can get a Curve 8310 free after rebates if you activate a new line with AT&T.

    Amazon.com: BlackBerry 8310 Curve Titanium Smartphone (AT&T): Cell Phones & Service
    01-03-08 12:01 PM
  2. silver's Avatar
    nice find.
    01-03-08 12:08 PM
  3. pgregory's Avatar
    Careful of the fine print:

    The Price listed above for this phone includes an instant $250 discount from Amazon.com. You agree to repay this $250 discount to Amazon.com if, during the six-month period following the activation date or renewal date of your existing contract, you: (1) fail to pay your balance due each month on time; (2) fail to maintain your account in good standing; (3) disconnect the line of service; (4) transfer the phone to another line of service; (5) change your service rate plan, including canceling or removing required PDA, BlackBerry, or smartphone features after your product has shipped; or (6) use this line of service to replace an existing account with the carrier. The discount is available only if you are activating a new non-substitute line of service or extending an existing line of service. If you do not follow these rules, you authorize Amazon.com to charge your credit card $250 as reimbursement of the discount without need for further approval. **Purchase limit five (5) per household.**

    The conditions you have to be careful about are within 6 months be on time with your payments, and no changes to your plan....I wonder if they mean just the data portion or any aspect of the plan?
    01-03-08 12:26 PM
  4. silver's Avatar
    yea. this is like an att contract but for amazon. For those who think they are slick and cancel soon after they get their phone.
    01-03-08 12:34 PM