1. jmr13z's Avatar
    I REALLY want to get a blackberry 8900 and retire the ole 8320 but I have a serious problem with the mouse pointer when entering text in the little text boxes that drove me to sell my blackberry 8220 and I think the 4.6+ devices has the same "problem". when I upgraded the 8320 to os 4.5 I noticed that I could just hover the mouse over a text box and the flashing cursor would magicily appear and dissapear when I move the mouse pointer to another box. Not on the pearl 8220. I HAD to click the track ball to enter text in a box and click the ball to leave the box or take a chance with the escape key in hopes that it wouldn't send the browser back a page. Is there a way or hack or is it fixed on the 8900 with the latest fix? I like the latest and greatest but that is one HUGE pet peve just asking to wear the track ball out in months. I use the blackberry 16+ hours a day and did wear the button out on by 8100 because of so much use. I my contract is open with t-mobile so I would go so far as drop them and go elsewhere if I find the one I like. The 9630 I am not sure of because it looks like a watered down 8900. Ironic that the best blackberry is not 3g. The mouse pointer problem is my nemesis though.
    08-07-09 02:13 PM
  2. NoahFecks's Avatar
    I have a Bold running 4.6, you have to click in the box to get a typing cursor but you don't have to click again to get out of the box.
    08-07-09 05:56 PM