1. Drew808's Avatar
    While I consider myself as a consumer who researches their device before buying; at some point if you are up to date on the new devices on the market you will unfortunately have the privilege of becoming an early adopter. Being an early adopter can have its benefits along with its headaches which can also serve as a first impression to a new OS. I have made it point not to be a guinea pig for any company testing unproven technology but I like being the first one to have a particular product because I'm a shallow person and I want my device to be better than yours. Sometimes getting a device as soon as it debuts you unknowingly become a beta tester and will have to either deal with the bugs for 2-3 years (pray for an update) or break your contract like an escaped prisoner to find solace in the next best thing. This brings me to the topic of BB10; It will basically be a 1.0 OS whether you agree or not and will most likely have minor if not major bugs upon release. Rim is betting the farm with Bb10 but if there are major bugs or omissions do you think consumers will give it a second chance or will it follow the path of the Playbook.

    I borrowed this headline from the Android Guy Weekly but he brings up an excellent point that I think many people forget when purchasing something new.

    08-08-12 12:36 AM
  2. Speedygi's Avatar
    Very good points, but I would argue that no phone out there is perfect, and this argument would never end...

    It's best to let the chips fall where they may.
    08-08-12 01:25 AM