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    so with all this said and done, when i purchase my BB10 device in January** I will have to carry both my 9900 and the BB10 phone with me, unless my company updated to BES10 ? its a detail I honestly never thought about....til now...cause that would require me getting another cell phone bill #sayitaintso

    ** I said January but Im not sure if the phones will be going on sale in January, or being debuted in January...I hope its the former
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    Gene Nakonechny was factually correct, yet was clear as mud in the implementation of how to use BES10. and was leaving out the requirement of BES5.

    Glad we got the clarification that wasn't covered in PR garbage.
    This is what it all boils down to. The statement that BES10 can support all current and BB10 devices along with the PB was a bit tongue in cheek. Omitting the "oh, by the way, you'll still need a BES5 server in the mix" caveat is what created all this fury. Don't get me wrong, it's nice that BES10 will be able to act as a unified console and manage all devices. That is a great value add. I'm just a little miffed that it looks like RIM was hiding that fact.

    Agree on the comments that RIM need to "refresh" their PR strategy, again.

    At any rate, time to move on from this and hope for the best with BB10.
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    Thanks for the catch at the top, yes pre BB10 DEVICES not compatible with BES 10 (not enough caffeine yet )

    But ya gotta admit, that was not exactly a minor detail that Gene left out.
    To us on the forums yes it was a big omission,

    but in reality to someone managing the servers already, really all it means is you keep running what works, and you don't break Anything. then you install BES10 which connects to your existing network, and you manage everything though the new server.

    All new devices should load through the new server, including iOS and Android devices.

    Once you've retired all your legacy BBOS4-7.1 devices, then you can retire BES5.

    Grand scheme of things it isn't big news, REALLY I can't see any company moving to BES10 100% anyway even if BES5 wasn't required anyone doing due diligence would have run them side by side during the transition anyway.

    Back when my company moved from Lotus to Exchange, It would have been nice if we could have Run email in Lotus through Exchange during the transfer period rather than having to run both for 3 months until the day Lotus was shut down.
    08-24-12 07:19 AM
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    BES10 for all intents and purposes appears to be rebranded Mobile Fusion (likely version 6.2 or 6.3) installed on one server. Of course, in small deployments that is already being done (BDS/UDS on same server), so I fail to see what the issue is here (other than the name). Of course, if it is just a rebranding, RIM dripped over themselves during the explanation of that lol
    08-24-12 07:23 AM
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    ^ Not true. It's not just a rebranding.

    BES 10 will be built from ground-up. Some of its code will borrowed from UDS, some from BDS, but for the most part, it will be a new platform.

    There will be one server, one service, one console that will be able to manage BB10, iOS and Android. In mobile fusion, you have to install each of UDS, BDS and BES separately. In BES10, UDS and BDS (i.e. BB10/iOS/Android) will be put into one service.

    BES (for 7.0 or earlier devices) will still require a separate installation and deployment.
    08-30-12 07:46 PM
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