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    Curious --

    I am interested in going totally portable. Meaning (for me) -- I want to have a USB drive that can contain a portable version of Outlook. I don't need mail --- only for contacts and calendar (don't want to use Google, etc.). However, on this portable Outlook on my USB, I want to be able to sync to my BB using the USB cable/Desktop manager. I've been reading about EssentialPIM and program looks good --- until you get to the part where it can't synch with the BB.

    Reason I'm asking --- Say you decide to leave a company/or they decide for you..... you basically get locked out of the network immediately (no chance to wipe your contacts/calendar). I don't want to leave my calendar and contacts on my work PC/work exchange server.

    Any way to do this and still be able to sync via usb cable to my BB? Hope this makes sense.

    08-28-09 04:49 PM