1. the_sleuth's Avatar
    I am putting this topic in general discussion section as its not BlackBerry related. There is an interesting survey at The Economist:

    Has Apple peaked? | The Economist

    And related article:
    Information technology: Has Apple peaked? | The Economist

    This has me thinking. Has innovation from US companies stalled?

    Once great titans of technology for the past decade are in identity crisis mode from HP, Yahoo, Intel, Dell, Microsoft to now Apple debate. I still think Apple can dominate for another couple of years. All of these companies except Dell no longer have the founders running the shop. Entrepreneurial passion has been replaced by bureaucratic management by committee trying to squeeze the low hanging fruit for every last cent of profit. Only innovation will drive these companies forward to continued relevance.

    I believe RIM has learned its lesson but can the other companies?
    01-28-13 10:32 AM
  2. mithrazor's Avatar
    My 2 cents: I'm not sure if bureaucratic management trying to squeeze every cent is the reason for a lack of innovation. I'd say it's the price of innovation. On top of that, making a profit on it. It's very costly (read: risky). It can be a dud. It can ruin brand name if it doesn't go right.

    The cost of making things is also very high. From all the different technologies that go into things nowadays. One company can't make something from only their own technology. In order to remain competitive, they have to license technologies from other companies. Driving the price higher.

    Which equates to companies becoming more reluctant to push out a new untested innovative product.

    Again, just my thoughts on the matter.
    01-29-13 12:47 AM

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