1. anon(1285674)'s Avatar
    Does anyone know how to create a new Flickr set from a Berry?

    I'm using the Flickr Uploader for BB, which can upload to existing sets, but I want to be able to upload to a new set that I create while "in the field"...

    (All my sets are indexed on my website and non-setted photos are not shown)
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    09-14-08 07:41 AM
  2. oakie's Avatar
    you cant. not a capability built into that app.
    09-14-08 08:07 AM
  3. anon(1285674)'s Avatar
    Indeed, I found that. I was wondering if there was another way, for example a page on the mobile Flickr site that could do it, or something using the APIs.
    09-14-08 09:23 AM