1. djohns12's Avatar
    In the last week, the following has occurred:
    1. 2 to 3 month-old emails have reappeared in my BB mail inbox from my yahoo account where they had been sitting in my inbox.
    2. A friend received an old text (one she had received a week or so before)at 3:30 in the morning.
    3. Emails have taken a couple of hours to get into my BB (a Curve 8330).

    I'm a Verizon subscriber and am not on a Blackberry Server.

    Would appreciate any help.
    11-03-09 05:02 PM
  2. afropoika's Avatar
    Sounds like Verizon has BIS issues. To be on the safe side remove your e-mail from BIS and re-add it. Not sure what to say about the SMS issue, you do have tried a battery pull, have you?

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    11-03-09 05:11 PM