1. artful2's Avatar
    After returning 4 phones (2 storm1 and 2 storm2) abd getting 'refurbished' phones within 2 months, I spoke to the manager of the storm, as well as customer service, and was told they could give me incentives for a new phone but would have to renew my contract a year. Why would I do that????This is crazy!!! When I went to FedEx to send my 'old' phone back, the lady said they get mail constantly all day. What is going on?
    02-04-10 06:50 AM
  2. davidnc's Avatar
    Has anyone suggested /or have you asked ....for a different model phone yet? Or is the storm the only model you like ?

    I had to send back a couple phones once (with vzw) wasnt a blackberry but a windows mobile phone and told me that if I needed or sent that phone back for any reason they would suggest maybe i try another model

    That was a couple years ago
    02-04-10 06:57 AM