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    We are BlackBerry newbies and this is our success story of rehoming our family dog in 3 days using Craigslist.

    When you get a pet it's usually for a long time, right? That's what we thought too when we got our 1st family dog (female pure bred Westie) named Freckles for our 3 boys ages 7, 6, & 4. Sometimes things don't go according to plan and it takes Craigslist & a BlackBerry to make everything work out.

    It all started the day after the Presidential election. My wife was stopped at a stoplight when her Durango got rear-ended by a van...driven by a Plumber...who's boss was named Joe (you can't make this stuff up). There were no fatalities; however, my wife started having major neck & backpain requiring lots of physical therapy (which still continues). Anyone who's had an accident will understand the type of strain this put upon our family of 5 and our new dog Freckles.

    While my wife recovered, I was Mr. Mom and found myself drowning in a sea of Dr. visits, grade school schedules, cub scout schedules, emails, etc. Our Verizon cell phones were up for renewal and we needed something more than our flip phones to keep up with everything. Enter the matching BlackBerry Curve 8330's with Data plan that we got on sale over Thanksgiving weekend. OMG how did.we ever live without this phone?!?! We are now officially plugged in, in synch, and always on...it's a beautiful thing.

    Our joy was shortlived because I soon discovered my wages were getting cut in 2009. The economy had finally hit us like so many others and we were thankful I still had a job since my wife is a full-time Mom. She was considering going back to a job and now it's become a necessity.

    Which leads us to our sweet Freckles the Westie. The accident combined with both of us working in 2009 made us stop and reconsider having a dog. After thoughtful consideration we both agreed it would be best to rehome Freckles. We wanted her to goto a loving family that could spend quality time and play with her. We decided Craigslist would be the perfect way to find Freckles a new home and WHOA were we in for a surprise.

    We listed Freckles on Craigslist using our BlackBerry and uploaded snapshots of her we took with the built-in camera. Since Freckles is a pure bred Westie we listed her for a $200-$250 rehomong fee that included supplies, kennel, etc.

    After 1 hour, we received 3 inquiries. Within 24 hours, we had 17 total inquiries and an appointment setup for the next day. Within 48 hours, we had 4 additional inquiries and another appointment set. By day 3, we had found the perfect loving family for Freckles.
    During the Craigslist process, we exclusively used our BlackBerry to correspond in near real-time. Having the inquiries in hand while we were on the go saved us so much time and worry. Instead of stressing over will anyone reply, we found ourselves debating which family should receive Freckles.

    Staying in touch via the BlackBerry and the popularity of Craigslist were the reasons Freckles was rehomed after 3 days. We hope our story will encourage others to leverage online services like Craigslist and tap into the potential of the BlackBerry.

    PS this was written on a BlackBerry

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    12-11-08 12:38 AM