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    Why Rogers won't be selling the BlackBerry Storm this year - FP Posted

    Why Rogers won't be selling the BlackBerry Storm this year

    Will Rogers Communications Inc., Canada's largest wireless operator, start offering the new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm to Canadians this year? According to Crackberry.com, rumours have begun swirling that it might:

    ... I have, like others, heard some "chatter" that a touchscreen BlackBerry would hopefully be coming to Rogers (which most assumed would be a version of the Storm). Now whether this device would actually come to Rogers in the form of the Storm 9500, or a slightly different version (perhaps supporting HSDPA, and who knows, maybe even carrying different branding and sporting a slightly different look than the Storm...), I have yet to see concrete proof of. From what I can tell, Rogers was looking to put the Storm on the roadmap, dropped it, and is probably now looking again/working hard to get a touchscreen BB out in the hopefully near future (and if they're not, they should!!).
    So, will it happen? Likely not, with U.S. operator Verizon Communications Inc. to blame.

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    10-17-08 02:49 PM