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    I'll admit that I am suffering a little bit of a hangover myself, and based on some of the threads I've read since BB10 was launched this morning, I don't believe I am the only one.

    This is my take on the situation.The Pre-Launch announcement starts out like a nice little social engagement where everyone can get together and discuss the facts of the new phones and OS. But it is'nt long before rumors and speculation start to show up at the party. Now we start to discuss rumors and speculation and start to get a little more excited.Then more rumors and speculation show up, get discussed, and start getting us whipped into a frenzy! It's not long before the facts of the little social engagement start to get blurry because of all the things that we believe might be coming. The more we ingest, the giddier we get, right up to launch time.

    Then the Launch comes and the facts are presented and we're upset!?!?

    Time to take my aspirin and get over it.
    01-30-13 05:06 PM

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