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    I have and hope someone else has also noticed that the mobile crackberry launcher changes how it displays the mobile forums page every once in a while. A few weeks ago i could go into the "enter the forums" section through my phone select a forum, select a thread, and view any replies to the picked thread. Now my phone will not display any replies and just show me the starter thread. It does this with all the catergories. I have tried a battery pull and even tried unistalling the app launcher and reinstalling but it's still the same. I have looked into the settings but cant find anything that i think would help. It is getting pretty frustrating viewing only the starter thread but not being able to view the replies. Can someone please tell me what to do or how to change this. It has been a few days now and its killing me.

    09-22-09 09:13 AM
  2. thinkamp's Avatar
    09-22-09 09:32 AM