12-26-12 03:27 AM
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  1. alan510's Avatar
    Kernan rarely tolerates any disagreement with his "superior intellect"
    I don't know this person. Perhaps he has a superior intellect. But he, like so many people out there, don't know history. He made his original comments about how brave it was for RIM's CEO to be working in a town called Waterloo. Nobody who has posted with outrage about this comment has pointed out that because of the Germans, Waterloo was a great VICTORY not a defeat. The French lost - the British and Germans (along with the Dutch) won. Sure I know the popular phrase of meeting your Waterloo refers to defeat. But Germans and the British colony of Canada (by extension )were winners. How ironic. Wish Thorsten had had time to point that out! RIM pr should keep that tidbit of information in their back pocket for similar uninformed comments.
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    12-25-12 07:18 AM
  2. whitbags's Avatar
    Anyone willing to post the Twitter exchange? Sounds like it would be worth a look.
    12-26-12 03:27 AM
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