1. zaersx's Avatar
    Hey! Just wondering if anyone knows(Kevin? Bla1ze?) when the next CrackBerry Idol is on? I'm really interested in participating this year!(if there is one this year) Thanks!
    05-09-11 03:24 PM
  2. Kevin Michaluk's Avatar
    Haven't decided if we'll do a CrackBerry Idol 2011 again this year.

    What does everybody think... should we???

    I sort of decided already that Dave Peckens is de-throwned from being the 2010 winner and Joseph Holder has been re-crowned as the winner of last years.

    If we did it again this year, I'd definitely want to tighten it up so it doesn't take so long... we really had that going for months last year. We'd want to maybe take on less people to begin with (need really awesome tryouts), then run it over a shorter period of time.

    Could be fun though. If enough people want to see it happen (both readers and participants) I'm up for it.
    05-09-11 03:30 PM
  3. jlb21's Avatar
    Go Greased Touch Screen.......
    05-10-11 08:53 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    CrackBerry, The Voice!
    05-10-11 10:00 AM
  5. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Wait, After CB idol, is the last one kicked?
    05-10-11 10:06 AM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    I think it would be fun to do again, but agree with tightening it down to not take as long.

    Initial qualification video, then they have to pick their favorite application and accessory (both at the same time) and then maybe a PlayBook review (3 people at most) to see who wins?
    05-10-11 10:39 AM
  7. pkcable's Avatar
    So You Think You Can Be a CrackBerry Blogger?
    05-10-11 10:41 AM
  8. jlb21's Avatar
    The Crackberry Bachelor/Bachelorette!!!!
    05-10-11 10:56 AM
  9. pkcable's Avatar
    CrackBerry Has Talent!

    EDIT: If we go with my original idea, CrackBerry, The Voice, then the vocal coach can be only 1 person, Craig!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    05-10-11 11:16 AM
  10. jlb21's Avatar
    The Real Housewives of Crackberry
    05-11-11 08:04 AM
  11. dkingsf's Avatar
    Looking for "Desperate Housewives" myself, lol.
    05-11-11 11:28 AM
  12. elvin1983's Avatar
    I would like to see it as well... maybe I'll actually enter this year...
    05-11-11 11:51 AM
  13. veldacy1's Avatar
    Lets do it! I'll enter this year.
    05-12-11 12:37 PM
  14. pkcable's Avatar
    I think we need to try something different this year. I'm liking my CrackBerry, The Voice idea! And the prize is an appearance on a CB Podcast, possibly even one of the live ones we have been doing lately. Doesn't that sound cool? The Voice "coach" of course would be Craig Johnston. The auditions could either be video or podcasts, of aprox 5 minutes where you show your talent and impress Craig, and the CB world with your amazing voice and podcasting ability.
    05-12-11 01:17 PM
  15. jlb21's Avatar
    The Crackberry Factor!

    Crackberry Nightmares!

    ****'s Crackberry
    05-13-11 08:58 AM