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    This started as an entry to a contest but I decided i liked it so much i had to post it somewhere if you love a cb as much as i do feel free to comment or throw your own glazed eyed rant onboard haha

    Because its more than BOLD!! - by MaysBerry

    Remember the days of flinstone like scrollwheels? Lawyers and bigwigs running around with a breif case and a Blackberry? In those days I worked for sprint and was the quickest to reccomend the latest trio device sporting windows before a caveman like Blackberry. in the later years we came so far and I overcame my biased mindset when my new boss at T-mobile handed me a 8100. I experienced a Crackberry for the 1st time and after trading up to a 8320 I have been in love ever since. Now present date we stare at steamy screenshots and drool over glitchy OS 5.0's on our pocket abusing Bolds and sleek sexy 3g less 8900's. Then watch in disdain as RIM fails with a touchscreen device and scrolling through our limited browser we realize we can no longer scroll up due to bbq sauce in the trackball (darn hooters!!). When "BOLD II" 1st danced into my ears I laughed and recalled a flashback of a head to head browser speed battle my 8900 to Edgard's Bold and how I loaded UFC.com a full 5 seconds before his "3g" blackberry. I'm sorry I digress, could you imagine a Crackberry that can call over wi-fi because your 3g coverage doesnt reach into the building your in? how'bout Making a call to confirm the date tonight while plugging the venue into google maps to check out reviews on the place? Possibility. Howbout dropping your new phone with a Hi-Res screen while taking strides across the dancefloor and not worrying that your screen is gonna be cracked? and the before mentioned trip to hooters not ruining your scrolling to bbm to scan her pin into your messenger list when the cute waitress whips out last years CB to check the time for you. CB 9700 one way or another I will own you, processor speed of a dream machine, screen resolution of a blu-ray movie, barry sanders like manuverability through the vast incredible world of a soon available OS 5.0 because of your futeristic track-pad, wi-fi calling for that extra bar of gsm because 3g is not always strong as I need, and keys that can dance with my big fingers so I dont have to let my thumbnails grow extra long. This is turning into an essay but since I lost my 8900 on halloween this 8100 is really making you shine like no other phone has before. Im sorry I even thought about Fandroid. You wont force close the pandora app..you have so much memory I can run my telenav to get where I want, while pandora to listen to what I want, with bbm to talk to who I want, without the loading interuption that I dont want. More than Bold CB or nada
    11-06-09 04:56 PM
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    Hey i think this person has the addiction bad, send them to rehab!!!!
    11-06-09 05:06 PM