1. tahabashir1991's Avatar
    Lol topic says it all...

    I was on the leak but due to battery drainage moved back to leak and I was good with that but now I read about and reviews was good... so I read the forum don't want the leaked autoloader so again read the forum, found the sachesi solution, again read the forum and found sachesi codes for stl100-1 of Vodafone and downloaded that... upgraded via sachesi and end up in bunch of issues.... a z10 having mix of 10.2.0 and 10.2.1 with no hub at all lol.

    So I thought it might be issue with overlapping 10.2.1 bars on 10.2.0 so I again read the forum and found many thread on how to make autoloaders and one was helpful but that was too difficult for me and contain one Gb download able files again read other threads and found a Cap method a 6 Mb and debrick files from sachesi... so again was not able to make autoloader.. again read the forum found that I should extract the bar and see what I have now official 10.2.1241 in my z10...

    Thank you Crackberry!!! If you search you will definitely find what you want!!!

    ( sorry for bad English though )

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-14 12:50 PM
  2. tahabashir1991's Avatar
    And now clearly I am feeling the battery enhancement now battery lasts 17 to 20 hours with the same usage that was 8 to 10 hours on .1925

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-14 12:53 PM
  3. newcollector's Avatar
    It takes some time, some reading, sometimes trial and error, but in the end victory. CrackBerry is a wonderful repository of know how just waiting to be tapped. You have done well, grasshopper!
    02-19-14 02:37 PM
  4. middbrew's Avatar
    Indeed CB has a great wealth of info!
    02-21-14 07:00 AM

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