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    I just got my photos back from Andrew from GooseChase, and thought we could post up the photos from some of our favorite missions. I guess I'll begin!

    Army Of One - Yup...That's Me!

    Blackout - People I work with were pretty down for the idea

    Come Fly With Me - I got lucky with this one, there just so happened to be an air/car show going on as I drove by. I was pretty excited about that easy 500 points!

    Facebook Page - This...was...tough!

    Human Writing - This was pretty lolz worthy, and it took a bunch of convincing to let me get the picture of this.

    Mmmm Lobster - That lobster was pissed!

    Nice Shirt - I saw so many handwritten shirts, and this is how you do it right! Easy 600 points!

    Please Sign Here - Again, this was really hard to get!

    Sunrise - This really was the sunrise! I woke up at 5:45am every morning for the whole week and everyday this is what I woke up to, so I said screw it!

    Natural Salesman - This one was my absolute favorite, and the sales chick was quite surprised how quickly I sold this guy the 8530. I guess it really does go to show that you can really sell someone something if you know what it's capable of.
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    These are great! Thanks for sharing and your service!
    08-16-11 01:40 AM
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    Seriously AMAZING!!!!! You my friend, ROCK.
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    08-16-11 01:55 AM
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    Seriously AMAZING!!!!! You my friend, ROCK.
    As do you guys for putting up this awesome quest for us! Probably some of the most fun I've had in a while. The best part was explaining that it was a BlackBerry Scavenger Hunt, the reactions of some people were priceless!

    BTW...did anyone complete any of the YouTube videos? (minus the stop motion video since that didn't require any views)
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    I wish you would have shared what the 'mission' was for each photo. I don't have a BlackBerry so I couldn't participate and I can't tell what it's all about(except for a few obvious ones).

    Looks cool though.
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    08-16-11 03:19 AM
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    I wish you would have shared what the 'mission' was for each photo. I don't have a BlackBerry so I couldn't participate and I can't tell what it's all about(except for a few obvious ones).

    Looks cool though.
    Good call...done and done!

    Here's a few more of my favorites:

    Big Stranger Rodeo - This chick wasn't very big, maybe 5'4" and a buck-20, but she held me up nice and strong-like!

    Follow The Leader - These girls were from a girls softball team, they were all down to help out!

    Healthy Lifestyle - This guy was embarrassed the whole time, but it was funny because his girlfriend made him do it lol.

    Is That Your Hog? - Yes, that really is her bike, and yes, she does have a pretty smokin body.

    iNvasion - lolololololololol....that's all I have to say about that. The funniest part was when the "Genius" came to ask me if I needed any assistance, and then her face when she looked at all the MacBook Airs.

    Take A Dip - So...F'n...Cold...(SoCal Pacific)

    Safety First - Vroom Vroom...

    Public Service - And the guy thanked me! Saweet!!!

    Quick Trim - A guy I work with, he failed at shaving his chest the first time...Fail...

    This Just In! - Not only did I update the PlayBook, but I also managed to update the TouchPad, the Xoom, and I put TouchWiz on a Galaxy Tab, and the chick working at the Best Buy Mobile was all amazed that there were updates that needed to be done. But she was cute, and liked BlackBerry's, so I forgave:-P
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    Great work swimmer!! If I had known about this GooseChase before today, I would have been so down to do stuff like this.
    08-16-11 08:32 AM
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    I find it funny I worked the hardest on the "Yellow Fever" one going around and getting mustard from different fast food restaurants yet it was only worth 200 points haha.

    The iNvasion was a lot of fun as well, luckily my school just put an Apple section in our bookstore.

    My personal favorite.

    And of course, the "Murder Mystery" was fun too, getaway car is courtesy of my work and their ".08 don't blow it" campaign.
    08-16-11 01:29 PM
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    Yeah really bummed that I skipped over this and didn't really read to see what it was until a little late. Hope this is done again, looks like a ton of fun!
    08-16-11 01:35 PM
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    I just got my pictures from Andrew as well! Ill post some of my favourites latter this evening! Great pics you guys!
    08-16-11 04:13 PM
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    nobody else has any pictures they want to share?!
    08-17-11 07:48 PM
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    These are some of my favs. Now I wanna see everyones "Blue Steel" lol
    Sorry they are screwy I'm a noob lol

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    08-18-11 02:03 AM
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    Hahahah this is so much fun
    08-18-11 11:00 AM