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    I went to the search and looked up forum rules and nothing came back so I'm guessing it is ok to start this thread without worrying about someone saying this has been posted before and to do a search. I would like to know what the forum rules/etiquette is for the CrackBerry Forums. I think it is really important for newcomers to know, because there are posters who are making newcomers feel less than welcome in these forums. To save the newcomers and the rest of us from "flamers", could somebody enlighten me and everyone else what the forum rules are?

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    08-29-09 08:54 PM
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    08-29-09 09:13 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. When I searched forum rules and etiquette, nothing appeared. Just like when many others search the forum, there answers may not appear. When they are "flamed" because they have made a post that was already created, it very well may not be their fault. There was one link that was particularly helpful and their is a section that many people need to review.

    "Personal Attacks
    Do not flame, insult or post personal attacks against other users. Be courteous, not rude. Any instances or reports of harassment of members will be treated seriously. CrackBerry.com has a zero tolerance policy against this kind of behavior, which may result with an immediate temporary or permanent ban at moderators' discretion. CrackBerry.com is a friendly place - treat members with respect at all times. If you don't have something nice to say, do not say it!"
    08-29-09 09:22 PM