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    I didn't mean to look like I was engaging you specifically, you made posts I countered, which is how discussions grow is it not?

    you've made solid coherent posts, which is why I chose to continue on those posts. I am in agreement with your "Ignore them" premise and have told many users to use the ignore user option, has made the forum far more enjoyable for me since doing so.

    To my point of 18 posts in General discussion, I was illustrating that multi device discussions are all over the forum, it was actually more of a preemptive component to the post as I thought of how one could reply to the other links.
    I have to agree here with the point the deRusett is trying to make and what he is saying.
    The next largest BB forum that I at least know about is BlackBerryForums.com - BlackBerry Support Community Forums and I happen to have a good friend that prefers to post there and has over 35,000 legitimate posts over 4 years and I pay alot of attention to what he has to say and on occasion I will go over there and chime in and read their posts. They have the same issues we are talking about now.

    I have news for everyone, they are no different in engaging conversation be it positive or negative just like on CB.

    They have the same problems we think are problems and bothersome posts with all kinds of people coming on to disrupt what we are all about. All forums are goingto have this.

    We have chosen to come here and make the best of it and I have to say that if I made my top 10 people that are present here alot and not to count posts I would include myself I would have to say w/o naming people I have alot of respect for what people say here, it is intelligent and well thought out and many of them have posted in this thread.

    I commend everyone who has taken on this thread and thank the OP who started it. It has gotten alot of feedback and has given all of us alot to think about and like my fellow poster here I am commenting to I am proud to have CB and be a part of all of the people, owners and mods that make CB so diverse.
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    Well BlackBerry has been around considerably longer that either Android, OR iPhone, so clearly CrackBerry would be an Older site,

    but Both those Platforms have the potential for orders of magnitude greater user numbers,

    I would wager there actually are MORE iPhone users registered and active on CrackBerry.com than Registered and active on TiPb.com
    Not only would you have to wager your comment but I would like some of that action because you are right, I know you are and if you just look at TIPB and their 4s forum and the content, there is virtually nothing and this is supposed to be the best phone of all bar none on the planet and maybe it is but there are not that many at least vocal supporters and as far as your comment about users from TIPB that come here why do you think that is? Could it be our yes our site that is far more engaging and many of the great iPhone people and owners will freely admit they have them but come here as well as the Android users. I have nothing against any platform but I do love my 9930 and the Tour I had before that.
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    When the iPhone 5 comes out next year prepare for many iPhone 5 threads like iPhone 5 is better than colt ( by that time colt would be announced )

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    When the iPhone 5 comes out next year prepare for many iPhone 5 threads like iPhone 5 is better than colt ( by that time colt would be announced )

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    I have no doubt the iDroid clown core will be in full swing for Playbook OS 2.0, BBX handhelds, and any other new devices RIM releases. The devices they own are so great that they have to upgrade them constantly to new models and tell everyone else how whatever they own sucks.
    11-05-11 07:32 PM
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    I will take your premise

    On Android Central there are 73 Threads in the BlackBerry Section http://forums.androidcentral.com/blackberry/
    On TiPh there are 279 Combined threads in Alternative OS sections http://forums.tipb.com/smartphone-forum/

    At CrackBerry.com we have
    5105 Threads in The Android Section http://forums.crackberry.com/android-f169/
    4140 Threads in the iOS Section http://forums.crackberry.com/apple-iphone-ipad-f99/

    Last month alone JUST in the General Discussion sections we had 18 Threads with iPhone in the TITLE

    to say it is proportionate across all forums is very much trying to throw a blanket over the problem CrackBerry faces by people who don't like What built CrackBerry but like the community and want it to change for them

    People get attached to their gadgets like they get attached to their sports teams, or their cars, it is just the way it is, AND the reactions in the PlayBook forum by the posters who are over protectionist I would bet half of them have become that way due to being told they are stupid for liking their PlayBook 30 times a day on the forums, and the first 3 months on the PlayBook forum, admitting you liked your playbook resulted in ridicule
    Well, if that didn't just say it all!!!! dR, you hit it right on the head with those two comments. These are my feelings exactly.

    I could not care less what any of those posters with the snarky one line zingers use, but I'll be damned if they attempt to tell me that my choice for me is wrong. Or that the things I find important are silly. Go through life with your choices, but I will make mine and what I find important is not at all related to what anyone else finds important.

    Go through life using whatever device you want, but I don't appreciate the snarkiness or ridicule when I mention my choice of device for me based on those things I find important. Those one line zinger gods on this site add nothing except stir the pot for those who will find it necessary to respond. I've been one myself and gotten in heated arguments. I know that BBerries are not leading edge...I don't care about that as much as some of those trolls and quasi trolls don't care about security. I like my BB. Leave me to it. Choose your platform and leave me the h3ll alone to enjoy mine.

    BBerries' weaknesses are not compelling enough to make me turn my back on the devices I enjoy using. Why try to convince me that they are?
    11-07-11 03:36 AM
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    I joined in Crackberry in 2009 if I am not wrong, When I got first blackberry Device blackberry 9000, I love to be part of Crackberry, I remembered, when The firts time I came here, I read every Thread, and Learned from Every Section about blackberry, about Upgraded OS by My self, Trial And Error, Nuked, and How to Wipe and Shrink my Device using 3rd party
    and I have around 500 bbm Friend, Because Of Crackberry Forum, I am Happy, and I'keep coming even If I am not doing posting new Topic on Thread, I keep reading The articles blog,
    Today eventhough I have My Iphone, and trying Android too, I'm Coming here still, Because Im feeling uncomplete, if I didnt Typed. Crackberry.com - on My browser and Reading few News and Go to - Forum - and Click New Post, Its true i always Do

    I never posting a comment in thread that I think it made by a hatter i mean When They used Improperly Word, Being a blackberry Hatters.

    I used My Portion, If i have Something To ask about IOS, Im going to TiPB ( ihave Username overthere too) and Do so For Android Im coming to Androidcentral.com

    so Even I am using another device or Blackberry, I'll keep coming here, because Crackberry like My Home, Give me informations, give me a presents from the quiz ( sometime, but Not this is the main reason )
    and I wish It would be Like Before.. Crackberry.com is Home for Every Blackberry Fansboy...
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