1. Dalejr4me's Avatar
    Ok I need help and couldnt post this anywhere but here I went through the whole thing to set up my crackberry email but am I being airheaded and not getting this right? I tried to tie it into gmail and it just sents it back delivery failure. I dont know what I am doing wrong.
    05-14-08 09:29 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    1* Click my account at the top right of this page, right above "Welcome, Dalejr4me"

    2* Log in and then click "Create/Modify your @CrackBerry.com Email Address"

    3* At this point, you set your Crackberry email name and then where it's being forwarded to.

    4* Now, you login to the BIS website where you setup your email addresses.. Find the email address you are forwarding your emails to and then change the "Reply To" to CrackberryEmailName@crackberry.com (whatever name you chose in 3*)

    Hit save and you should be set.
    05-15-08 12:26 AM