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    GOT IT! Use the donate button on the following LiveJournal page to donate to the relief fund. This SHOULD work, and as far as I can tell, you won't be required to sign up for an Amazon Payments account; so long as you have an Amazon account, this should work. Just plug in the amount you want to donate in the box to the left of the donate button and hit the donate button!

    The CrackBerry for Alabama Tornado Relief Fundraiser

    On April 27, 2011, my home state of Alabama was ravaged by an incredibly powerful storm system that has decimated many towns and cities. People are without food, water, and shelter, and the dead and missing continue to grow.

    More dear to my heart is the city of Tuscaloosa. It and the surrounding areas were absolutely decimated by an EF-5 strength tornado. You can see amazing footage of this tornado taken from the city's busiest mall's parking lot here:

    There are pictures and stories of the decimation all over the internet. Some of the interactive before and after photos can be viewed here:


    Horribly enough, the photos linked above are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Tuscaloosa is by far and away my favorite city. It's a city I have spent a large portion of my childhood and adulthood in. It's a city that I've always had plans to move to once I'm able. And now, a lot of the places I go to, a lot of the stores and businesses and restaurants that I enjoyed hanging out at, are completely gone. And nwo the people of that wonderful city are suffering greatly.

    But Tuscaloosa and Birmingham aren't the only ones suffering. There are dozens of small towns and rural areas that are desperate for aid, and in the shadow of Tuscaloosa, they're getting overlooked. Places like Pleasant Grove, which is virtually leveled, and Holt, which is equally as damaged. Here is one post from a resident of Tuscaloosa, explaining how bad the area needs help:

    Quizzical Sphinx at LiveJournal

    Ongoing updates on the conditions of the city and small towns around it can be found at @spann and @jimcantore.

    In the city of Tuscaloosa alone, the number of missing is fast approaching 600.

    In the state of Alabama alone, the death toll (confirmed) is over 228.

    Churches and organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross are doing everything they can, but their centers in Tuscaloosa alone were destroyed during the tornado. While their resources are great, they are not unlimited. The entire state of Alabama is hurting for help, and it needs it fast.

    This is where I call on the CrackBerry nation.

    CrackBerry has members from all over the world. With the diversity of members here, there's no doubt in my mind that there are others from Alabama who are members here who need help, and who may not be able to get online to tell you so. Each and every one of you has likely been touched by tragedy at some point. I know the economy is awful; I personally am well aware of that. But I'm calling on you now to help others who are in need. Please, PLEASE find it in your hearts to send a donation via PayPal to

    [email protected]

    for the Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Effort. All money gained from donations will be consolidated and half donated to the American Red Cross and the other half to the Salvation Army on behalf of the CrackBerry Nation.

    Any help you can lend, even if just a dollar or two, is more than enough in this very difficult time for all Alabamians.

    (This was posted with the approval of Kevin. I will be updating the thread with the latest as it becomes necessary. Also, I have not tried to send money to this email account yet; if for any reason it does not work, please let me know ASAP so I can correct it!)
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    Hey All,

    Just a note that I approve this fundraiser via CrackBerry and trust that monies raised will go to help those affected by the Tornadoes in Alabama.

    And I just sent a $50 paypal to the email address above.

    Props to anybody and everybody who contributes.

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    Maybe this could be made sticky as well? (Thanks for the Amazon link; it worked just fine.)
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