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    I tried looking for a suggestions part of the forum, but this is more of a request to the members here. I've noticed BGR and a few other blogs are being talked about here which is fine. But as a sort of vengeance to their anti-RIM article (whether deserved or unfair), a common practice is that the OPs copy-paste the entire article so that the members of this forum do not have to visit the offending site, giving them another hit.

    I think as a matter of courtesy, this is wrong. If people want to paraphrase, or just even copy a short quote from an article or report, that's fine, but copying the entire thing takes away the time and energy (however little you value it) from the original author without letting him/her receive any of the credit.

    I'm a photographer, and a common annoyance is finding my work so callously tossed around by some random person who thinks they have the right to copy/paste my work online wherever they like. I know I can't control what everyone does, but I think on this forum, this practice needs to stop. If people here don't like what they read elsewhere, don't share it here period. Link back if you must, but that's it.
    05-03-12 03:54 PM
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    I'm happy to see it being done here.
    05-03-12 04:08 PM
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