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    As we all know Blackberry and Apple have many similarities. Manufacture creates software and hardware and basically in a way they're tied in to themselves so it makes everything run smoothly. Which is why many of the questions I'm asking make no sense as to why they are different in this way.

    First question: Why can Apple sell their phones through their Apple.com site throughout the world and make a REAL global launch a reality?

    Second question: Why can Apple bypass (or speed up) carrier testing for their updates go roll-out their updates globally and Blackberry is stuck having to have staggered roll-outs due to carriers around he world?

    Third question: Why can Apple get away with no carrier branding on their devices and blackberry has nasty carrier branding all over their devices (mostly referring to Verizon)?

    Fourth question: Exclusivity.. Why? okay i understand that iPhone was exclusive to AT&T and then Verizion for a while but never in colors it just makes no sense to me ESPECIALLY when the company that gets exclusivity does a mediocre job at promoting the product as they should.

    That's it crackberry. im just very curious if anyone has the answers to these questions i've had for quite a while.
    06-11-13 11:22 PM
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    06-11-13 11:35 PM

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