1. badstuffer's Avatar
    There's a device in the slot that after I push the mini SD card it bounces back, and in common sense, it should be removable after the bounce, but after it bounce back it stuck right where it is, no matter how hard I tried to pull it out, it just stays there (well, not that hard because I'm afraid that I might damage the card or the device).

    Any can help me on this?
    07-21-11 09:33 AM
  2. disturbed10890's Avatar
    Press it in as far as you can, than try to pull it out as it is popping back up
    07-21-11 11:49 AM
  3. badstuffer's Avatar
    LOL it works, it actually required some technic here, big thanks
    07-21-11 12:48 PM
  4. disturbed10890's Avatar
    Not a problem, glad you figured it out! Those small things can be tricky sometimes
    07-21-11 06:16 PM