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    I think many of you are missing the gist of the idea. Bridging is all about NOT duplicating data. All the data STAYS on the base unit. The Bridge software simply allows a handset, laptop, tablet, etc to access the data to display and to provide a user interface for the user to do something with it (e.g., dial someone from your contact list).

    It's NOT about sharing your data with someone else - it's about sharing your data across all of your own devices (phone handset, laptop, desktop, tablet) such that ALL of these devices can have all the features that today only blackberry handsets get and without needing each device to have it's own data plan, it's own copy of contact lists, etc.

    So with this concept, as long as everyone in your family has their own "base unit", they could all share the same tablet, but each of them, when using the tablet, would only see their own data on their own "base unit"
    Well yeah, that was my point lol. Would you lend a tablet/laptop to anybody if all your stuff was on it? I make my kids use a different browser from the one I use just in case, I wouldn't want my 6 year old son to get on my ebay page lol.

    Playbook has a Huge advantage but only if you own a blackberry.

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    04-29-11 07:25 AM
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