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    Just tried to call Costco and they said starting Feb 7, they can't sell Rogers/Bell Z10 outright anymore.

    Is it THAT popular that they can now put a restriction? If I was corporate, I would probably do the same thing if there was such limited supply but huge demand.

    This just confirms how popular the Z10 really is.......if that wasn't already confirmed/known.

    Edit: she also said she received the most recent shipment on Friday (before the weekend) which she noted as VERY rare and sold out instantly. Interesting point.
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    Costco has Wireless Wave inside of their stores, they are owned by the same parent company as T Booth. Last Thursday they were emailed by the head office that they were not allowed to do outrights, because too many people were taking outrights,and the company doesnt make their cut then.

    So yes, until the supply replenished, no out rights.
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    02-11-13 03:27 PM

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