1. kemayou's Avatar
    Great news I got yesterday, the medium sized company I work for (approx.1500 employees) has decided to include the Blackberry Z10 & Q10 to the choice of available devices for their employees. The iPhone 5 made it too, probably because of it's popularity among consumers.

    I also hear that they will deploy BES10 to manage all of them. Being a crackberry fan, I've always "preached" to people in the office about the benefits of going with Blackberry10 to perfectly manage personal and business sides with one device (Balance). I was the first one to get the Z10 on my floor and I can tell you that everybody I showed it too was impressed with it, not only on the hardware side but also on the fluidity and ease of use.

    It's true that some companies are abandoning Blackberry to the favor of iPhone or Android, but some companies are also sticking with the obvious choice in terms of security, reliability for enterprise needs.

    Corporate devices - BES10 and BB10 FTW!-newphones.jpg
    03-08-13 12:48 PM
  2. TylerJNelson32's Avatar
    Lucky! I was all on board for the Z10, but the closer and closer to launch date, I'm liking the Q10. Which one you gonna go for man?
    03-08-13 01:01 PM
  3. kemayou's Avatar
    I already have the Z10 that I bought for my personnal use. I guess I'll wait for the Q10 for work!

    Thing is, I could actually use my own Z10 and have it enrolled with BES10 but they don't allow BYOD. They provide the phones the Z10, the Q10 and the iPhone 5 :P
    TylerJNelson32 likes this.
    03-08-13 01:37 PM

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