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    The forums are rife with discussions on Storm 2 vs Droid vs iPhone etc, but for many of us it's all completely academic. Those who want to have just one device and want to get their work email on it typically need to have a BlackBerry because it's the only supported device.

    I'm one of those people and so I will be getting a BB device when I upgrade in the near future (likely the Storm 2). The only lingering doubt in my mind is whether I should give the other participants in the market (and our IT department) a bit longer to open up some options.

    I have talked to the people responsible at my firm (50k headcount, professional services) and they had a project to work on allowing the iPhone (we buy our own devices) but canned it when they had to reduce heads due to the recession (so they said, I can imagine the priority it was given also relating to Apple's perceived progress or lack of).

    Anybody out there know of any other large corporates investigating other options? Any news on other options achieving security standards that corporations may find acceptable?
    10-19-09 07:13 PM
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    I'm in the same boat but in a smaller company (large law firm, approx 4k employees). When it comes to security I hear that bbs are the best mainstream devices that can be used. I think the storm2 will be the best device for a while in terms of balance. I have a tour and like it a lot (really prefer a real keyboard).
    10-19-09 07:16 PM
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    A little while back I ditched all but 10 Blackberrys out of close to
    300 in the City I work for and replaced them with one of 3
    Nokia devices.

    The staff could not be more pleased. The IT department is happy
    and the whole security thing is an absolute non issue.
    10-19-09 07:28 PM
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    We have an option based on place in the organization and personal preference to get an 8350i or a Motorola flip phone. I played with the BlackBerry for a short time and chose the Motorola.

    I only use a work phone for push to talk to direct my crew and to be available during work hours. I do not want to read work email when I am at home. I am also spoiled by my 8900, it would drive me crazy to use a super slow device like the 8350i locked down by WebSense. I also think a lot of organizations are cutting back on BlackBerries due to the expense.

    That said, my wife works for a defense contractor and does receive and send secure documents as part of her job. Security is a huge issue for them and so they use BlackBerries with DOD Security.

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