1. Amit1911's Avatar
    I am using bb key one..
    All my contacts are synced with my email a/c with google apps.
    Strange issue I am facing..
    When I mostly switch from wifi to 4g or vice versa..
    Contacts disappears from one of my main accounts.
    I have to delete that account and reinstall again to fix this.
    Tried many things but can't.
    Can anyone help with this please..
    Only in keyone this is happening before used PRIV never happened any issue
    10-07-17 01:52 PM
  2. koushik68's Avatar
    I faced it once after the October update .
    10-19-17 09:18 AM
  3. Christoph Bruening's Avatar
    The same here. Activesync for contacts and calendar. From time to time -especially but not only when there is a bad connection- the contacts disappear as well as the calendaring. A few minutes later they reappear step by step. I would even say they are deleted because when I clean up double contacts in the app and they reappear they are signed as "double" again.
    No matter if the sync settings are on "push" or every hour.
    11-06-17 10:51 PM

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