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    Not running Windows I am stuck with .78 firmware on my Storm.

    I cant for the life of me see a way to add a contact in the contact book other than to bring up the dialler and type a number then the "add to contact" option is there. I guess I'm blind - how can I add a new contact without doing this?

    Also, say I type something like "+491113334445678" as the number it puts it into "work" (instead of mobile) and then it takes me about 20 minutes to manage to cut and paste (who invented that ludicrous touch screen method? Whatever happened to menu/select/cut etc?) it into the mobile slot.

    Any hints and tips much appreciated as the Storm UI is driving me to distraction in general. Its as if no one ever QA'd it. I wont go into keyboard modes reverting to "suretype" without me asking or keypad tones turning on randonly .... And as for the portrait mode suretype keyboard ... wtf are they thinking reinventing standards? Whats wrong with the normal mobile layout that we are used to? Grrr... Oh whoops, I did :-;
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