1. WH2008's Avatar
    Can anyone explain how to prevent contact details from syncing inaccurately? I have a tour and previously a curve and sync with Entourage via the Blackberry Desktop Manager and formerly Pocket Mac. Some contacts upon sync pull the phone numbers, addresses, personal details and comments from the "other" category into the wrong person. For example, information I enter for John Smith will update for Smith and another contact, Bob Williams.

    While I can resolve some of this mismatched data based on the notes in the other tab, it's a pain that I'm not confident if the phone numbers are correct or my caller id is correct since the sync isn't working properly.

    What is the solution?
    12-06-09 02:39 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I've never heard of that problem on a PC. Is there anything common to the contacts that are not synching correctly? Were they all created using a previous version of Pocket Mac or Entourage?
    12-06-09 04:22 PM
  3. WH2008's Avatar
    That's a great question and I wish I could tell when the mismatches began. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to pinpoint what the common denominator is and don't know that it has occurred until I pull up a contact and realize some of the details are incorrect.
    12-08-09 10:44 PM
  4. sangalaviral's Avatar
    I am also facing the same problem.
    If the contact is already saved on my phone of suppose person A
    then when sync is done with FB it turns out to be Name, the Phone number and the email ID of person A while Photo, FB name, Company name is of some other person in my FB contact list
    08-13-11 10:56 PM