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    I'm running .732 using gmail and the native BB contact sync. Every so often the contact pictures just disappear! I put 'em back in... They stay for a while... Then "bam" gone again! Anyone else experiencing this?

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    08-30-10 12:35 AM
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    Are you using any downloaded themes?
    08-30-10 12:38 AM
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    I had that happen to me before. I think it has something to do with contacts syncing to Google. If you go to your Google contacts on your computer's browser, do you see the picture of your contact that you were missing? If you don't then it is how Google is syncing. if you do, then it must be another app on your phone doing it. Good luck and let me know what you have found afterwards.

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    08-30-10 02:35 AM
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    I'm having the same problem. I was on 10.3 for a few months, and although I loved some of its features I decided to go back to 10.2.1 so that I could get back into video and audio chatting on BBM. Really missed that, and I miss being able to use sleep mode on the clock. Haven't figured out how to fix it yet. Will keep you posted if/when I do. I was not allowing my contacts in Google to sync, so that did make a difference when I did. I don't see the pics in the Google contacts. I will keep you posted if something else comes up.
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    This is probably not the best answer but it might help you, after allowing Google contacts in the phone. I opened each contact I was having a problem with (one at a time), pressed edit, added the same picture a second time for that contact, and it seemed to to the trick (it worked). I'm sure there must be a better way, but for now I'm good. Hope this helps you.
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