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    I have a Pearl Flip 8220 that I bought in late March this year and I like the phone and its features, but I have had a lot of problems with rebooting and recharging. I have already sent the thing back twice for a replacement. After much discussion I have started using a utility called QuickPull every morning to simulate a battery pull and reboot. That has largely solved my freezing & rebooting problems, but over the last few days, I'm having another problem that is probably unrelated, but I wouldn't swear to it. The battery requires recharging every several hours, even if I don't use the phone (although it is on). It could simply be a matter of just getting a new battery, but before I spend the $10 or so, I'd like to exclude the possibility that something else is causing the problem, so that my next battery will not suffer the same fate. Is it possible that the phone has a problem that causes the battery not to hold a charge? I also notice that sometimes when I use the wall recharger that came with the phone, the charge does not increase (I do see the little lightning bolt indicating I am plugged in), but if I unplug the thing, then plug it back in, it usually does start recharging. Could the recharger be the problem? I bought a car recharger and that always seems to recharge the phone. Another possibility is that I have a router in my house and my understanding is that my (T-Mobile) phone will (and does) work on wifi and not charge me minutes if I am connected to the local network in my house. Is it possible that the phone is using up the battery trying to connect to the network? I know that when I've been in areas of low reception in the past, the phone has drained more quickly searching for a network. But I've had the phone set to try the network for a few months now, so that would suggest that the very recent battery behavior is not due to this. I realize that I'm probably going to have to get a new battery in any case, but if the phone or the network search is causing the battery to drain so quickly, I want to know that, so I don't weaken the next battery as soon as I get it. Does anybody in this forum have an experience like this and if so what did you do to solve the problem? If there is more information about this in another thread here (or elsewhere), I would appreciate being directed to that. Thanks.
    09-25-09 01:44 PM
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    Paragraphs please.

    This is probably just a straight up battery problem. If this is a replacement device then most likely it's a new battery also. Nothing is perfect and this happens sometimes.

    Just ask the carrier for a new battery and they will send one out.
    09-25-09 02:01 PM