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  1. southlander's Avatar
    whatever the real reason, it sure isn't testing. why? rim acts like the rigorous testing is somehow unexpected. yet rim would know better than anyone, ** well in advance **, how long testing takes. your theory is very plausible. I imagine there is a lot of expense in the carriers gearing up for a new platform. if blackberry had failed out of the gate in friendlier markets, there would be no use in trying in the US.

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    02-10-13 10:52 PM
  2. BB10BelieveIt's Avatar
    Interesting theory OP. My theory is along the same lines but slightly different.

    I happen to think that the US carriers are working very closely with BB to make sure they have a successful launch. It is in the best interest of the carriers to have a fragmented group of devices running on their networks as this gives the carriers the control (much like a toll bridge wanting not wanting 95% toyota's or GM's) If you look at BB's support for all the things that will make carriers money, you have to believe that they are rooting for them: NFC mobile payments, connected cars, connected houses (ie Roger's home security), efficient devices that make people want to use even more data (awesome BBM video), the move away from wifi laptops (that don't generate much carrier revenue) to LTE connected devices. The US carriers want BB to win because they will make more money. Also they win with BB much more than Windows, as BB adoption accelerates the move away from wifi laptops as discussed above.

    So, if you believe that the US carriers want/need BB to succeed, then I think it is entirely possible that they suggested the delay to Heins (or the other way around), and took the heat for it to protect BlackBerry (because there is no loss for them if they all delay together). People in the US need time to change their thinking on BB. BB had negative brand appeal in the US last year. Having successful launches oversees helps to turn the negativity around. A quick US launch, IMHO, would have risked a major pushback from the US media and consumers. Like it or not, people are like lemmings; that girl that you thought was nothing great all of a sudden looks alot better when someone 'cool' asks her out and you have missed your chance.

    Believe it folks, there is some very advanced marketing going on here and if BB makes a comeback in the US this story will be taught for years in business schools around the world. I thinks it almost on par with Coke changing to "new coke" in the 1980's and then recovering with even more rabid fans in the end. The change in perception that Frank Boulben has engineered is already unbelievable. BlackBerry needed this one month delay to have a shot with everyone in the US, not just Crackberry fans, and it is working.
    02-10-13 10:56 PM
  3. hurds's Avatar
    I disagree.

    The time might give US carriers some info but I don't think thats over important to them. They push whatever device they want and people buy them.

    As for the 'delay'. It could be the carriers, but I think it could be BB as well. The most noise comes from the States so having a month or so under their belt with a decent launch and getting all this amazing and positive feedback before the US launch will hopefully drown out a lot of the noise we are sure to hear. Like the redundant threads we've already seen and the bizarre behavior of some people who have constantly bashed RIM perplexingly bought the Z10 and now continue to bash BB. Its just the nature of the US being very large and that you are more likely to hear the negative stuff then the positive, plus people have been conditioned to hate BB. I wish this were a joke but talking to some people about it I'm amazed at how they just mindlessly repeat what they've heard in the media. Its pretty sad.

    The real conspiracy would be shown if everywhere else in the world has successful launches with good sales and great reviews from actual users like the ones we are seeing and then when the Z10 is released with all the apps annoucnced on Jan 30th, if the US is the one odd ball. Then I'd say there is some push from the US against BB, be it carriers or any one of the many companies BB is in competition with.
    02-11-13 12:08 AM
  4. southlander's Avatar
    One plausible reason (I have mentioned on other threads) the carriers would put up a road-block is the apps situation. The native apps simply are not there en mass -- not yet. Yeah there are a few. But from a carrier perspective the absolutely worst thing is having returns. And if customers snap up the phones only to return because there is no NetFlix -- and are told they can side load it -- well. Carriers like any retailers want one transaction and a satisfied customer.
    02-11-13 12:23 AM
  5. ddlax22's Avatar
    I've read so many conspiracy theories its insane. Maybe its all of them combined!
    Or maybe the testing lab lost the phone in a bar and they have to make up all the data ahaha
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    02-11-13 12:33 AM
  6. FrankPCS's Avatar
    Most US carriers commit to a device at least a year before launch. I doubt carriers would purposely delay a device since it is money and time wasted. Especially in the middle of testing since that's just 13-15 weeks till launch.

    There are many unknown factors for a supposed US delay. I think blame Apple and Google. They made us think announce-launch happened within a week when in reality most phones went about a month or three from announce to launch and even then Europe would get them weeks/months before the US.
    02-11-13 01:14 AM
  7. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    I've heard a few of these different theories, but I don't really see the carriers collectively holding out with a wait and see what happens plan.

    News reports of positive unexpected UK and Canada sales results could have a positive impact on US undecided buyers, and if BlackBerry knew that would happen, then how genus of them, and they are intentionally holding the US launch back.... that seems a more plausible reason for an intentional delay in the US, but I don't buy that either.

    Working in the engineering field for a large US corporation, I've got to go with the extensive testing, most likely outsourced to a third party.

    If the CEO of company A makes a public statement in reference to company B, C, D & E, and none deny it... then I've got to believe that what the CEO of company A says is accurate. Especially when company T says, "...its going well..."
    Ugh! I'm so tired of reading your theory on this!!!!
    For the last time, would you please stop with this intelligently perceptive & logical crap!!!!
    I'm not used to seeing that here much and you're bringing too much of it!
    02-11-13 01:30 AM
  8. jrohland's Avatar
    If companies engaged in all the Machiavellianism some of you believe, they'd never bring anything to market. I work on the assumption they want to get items to sell out before their competition.
    02-11-13 04:23 AM
  9. amjass12's Avatar
    Interesting theory, but I still think it was to allow BB time to clear up the bugs because the US market would be unforgiving to BB in its current state of perception.
    I agree here... I think blackberry need to hit the market as strong as possible, as that's the market they need to win back... further to fixing bugs, I also think the reason they releasing in March is because the big names apps such as Skype whatsapp and Netflix told blackberry that's the time they would have their apps ready in blackberry world. and like you said, the us market will be unforgiving to even the slightest hicup... therefore it has to be as perfect as possible. ..

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    02-11-13 05:40 AM
  10. wuulfy's Avatar
    All this sounds good to me...although im in the UK im locked into my contract until July, so i might end up getting a better phone when i upgrade.
    02-11-13 06:39 AM
  11. Skeevecr's Avatar
    The current conventional wisdom is that the reason the US market is getting the Z10 later than much of the rest of the world is that their carrier testing is taking longer, which, of course, has led back to accusations that BB didn't supply them with samples soon enough. This assumption is reasonable, given that BB has officially stated this as the reason for the delay and the carriers have said nothing to dispute it.
    I think it is unfair to say that they didn't give them samples soon enough, they would have got them at the same time as any other carriers, the difference would seem to be that the american carriers have a much more drawn out testing procedure whereas carriers like Vodafone combine their own testing with requiring formal GCF certification to be completed by the hardware manufacturer.
    02-11-13 09:25 AM
  12. JTG81's Avatar
    It has to be an intentional delay on the part of BlackBerry and the US carriers. The reason I believe this is because the carriers should of had these phones for testing since last summer. Up until June BlackBerry had been pushing for a Q4 2012 release.

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    02-11-13 09:25 AM
  13. dbmalloy's Avatar
    I beleive it is a combination of a number of theories.... As carriers in the states tinker wth the OS and release said OS to the consumers... at least innitally...this could cause a delay... I do agree though there is a marketing asepct to this though..... BB does not have much credibility with the carriers due to past sales.... why would they not take a look and see outlook..... that said I think there is another trend starting that americans will not like... I point to Hollywood.... In years gone by it was unthinkable to release a major movie anytwhere but the US... as that was their major market... that is changing....The Avengers which made a billion dollars plus world wide... was released in Russia and Europe a good 2 - 4 weeks prior to US launch...Same with Skyfall... by the time they released these movies in North America it had already made a profit and created buzz....the rest is profit..... Many companies are now taking this track....Does not mean the US market in many ways is not important but as many companies are finding the US market no longer defines profit..... If BB racks up impressive sales prior to US launch it will cushion financially and create good PR which then pushes sales..... Had they did a US lauch first and sales were tepid the device would be dead because many still look at the US market as the gold standard....one of the reasons many companies are marketing overseas first.....
    02-11-13 10:44 AM
  14. docgasberry's Avatar
    My reason for the US delay?

    They are waiting for the fiscal cliff issue to stabilize further. If the Z10 is launched any earlier, the tremendous response together with the huge credit/debt generated from credit card purchases may just tip the US over the fiscal cliff. My guess is that the White House mandated the delay.
    02-11-13 11:23 AM
  15. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    My story is that Apple and Samsung have too much money invested in the US market and they threatened to cut supplies if the carriers backed BB. That's my fully undocumented story and I am sticking to it.
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    02-11-13 06:56 PM
  16. docgasberry's Avatar
    Of course there is something not above board here!

    How can BB10 achieve FIPS 140-2 certification in the US even before launch and UK, Canada and the UAE complete "carrier testing" before any US carrier can?

    OK, another conspiracy theory here .........

    Early data shows that the white Z10 will outsell the black Z10. To prevent a return to the days before Martin Luther King/Rosa Parks and color segregation, they are waiting for a HUGE pent up demand that at launch, BOTH color Z10 will be snapped up equally. This will essentially prevent the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.
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    02-11-13 08:04 PM
  17. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    I agree here... I think blackberry need to hit the market as strong as possible, as that's the market they need to win back... further to fixing bugs, I also think the reason they releasing in March is because the big names apps such as Skype whatsapp and Netflix told blackberry that's the time they would have their apps ready in blackberry world. and like you said, the us market will be unforgiving to even the slightest hicup... therefore it has to be as perfect as possible. ..

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    Again, I don't buy that Skype and Netflix needed any more time to prepare apps. I think they've been ready to go all along, it was just a matter of making the decision to support the platform. In my theory, these apps are being held back to add impact to the US launch.
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    02-11-13 08:11 PM
  18. peter9477's Avatar
    My theory is that because the US is still using the Imperial system, whereas BlackBerry is based in Canada and we're mostly metric (sorta, kinda, when it suits us), they forgot to do the conversion correctly and grossly underestimated the number of units that would be needed in the US.

    The delay is simply to buy extra time so they can manufacture more devices.
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    02-11-13 08:16 PM
  19. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    Conspiracy Theories.....
    Has anyone seen the BlackBerry/Carrier/Government/Market/Shareholder (whatever) handshake?

    Only then will I believe.... Bwahahahaha. LoL.
    02-11-13 08:20 PM
  20. randall2580's Avatar
    From what I read here, there is enough Corporate demand to get this up and going no? Those phones have to run on one the 4 majors I would assume as these businessmen have to travel all around the country if not the globe? They must be fairy sure the major corporations are going to take up a fair number so they could order, make available in the consumer market and see uptake, unsold go to Premiere and Corp lines. I think sometimes a cigar is just a cigar no?

    And I don't get the idea that BB Corp has that having the app on launch day is better than bringing out a fully functioning phone that takes away the complaints of the nay sayers long before it gets here. But that's just me.
    02-11-13 08:23 PM
  21. unbreakablej's Avatar
    I think many of the apps are being saved for us launch too. Maybe letting the share price drops a little, release all major apps again and let it go up again. Creating more news.

    I am also hoping they are keeping secret a massive sales figure

    I read somewhere on this forum that whatsapp will be released this Thursday though? Can anyone clarify that?

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    02-11-13 08:47 PM
  22. bigbbrybeliever's Avatar
    For whatever the reason it is, IMHO, the end result is very positive for the company (Blackberry), i.e., this delay will increase the level of success in the coming US launch at least one level up, good to exception, average to good, or poor to average.
    02-11-13 08:53 PM
  23. kcdist's Avatar
    Well, I've read all the responses, and I haven't seen the most logical reason for the delay mentioned.......Supply Constraint.

    Here we are, a full week into the Canadian launch, and Canadian supply is sporatic. I know.....I'm flying from Mexico to Canada tomorrow with a plan to buy up to 10 - Z10's to sell down here to friends and family. My plan was to buy them at Koodo, as they appear to have the lowest price. After a frustrating afternoon of calling around, no location had any in stock, however, they appear to be receiving some tomorrow. My conversation with one store: "How many?" I asked....."Well....our first order was three, and our second order was three......so we're guessing... three?" said the clerk.

    So, if Blackberry is having a difficult time supplying a market 10% the size of the U.S. market, how in the heck could they have hoped to have a proper roll out in the US in early February? I would imagine, regardless of how it performs eventually, they would have had to seed the U.S. market with perhaps a million units to ensure every store had a reasonable supply on hand. Likely, as they are ramping up production from a standing start, they had a choice......Roll out in smaller markets today, or wait until they've produced enough to roll out across the U.S. sometime in the third or fourth week of February.........

    As they are bleeding cash today, it only makes sense to start selling as soon as possible - and start returning to profitability as soon as possible....
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    02-11-13 08:58 PM
  24. tjseaman's Avatar
    I will buy it. But then again I also believe that the moon landing was faked....
    Oh the moon landing was fake.
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    02-11-13 09:09 PM
  25. ctuffy's Avatar
    VZW is still being nice to me despite my numerous emails requesting updates on the Z10. Here is the latest response from them with, what I think, is some interesting info:

    Please know it is pretty common cell phone carriers to get new phones in staggered dates, this is usually because the software to make a phone work on a specific cell phone carrier's network is not always finished at the same time. For example Blackberry might finish up the software to make the phone work on someone else’s network (one of our competitor’s networks), before they finish up the software needed to make a phone work on our network. That stated the best way to stay updated on the development of a Blackberry Z10 would be to visit Blackberry's website and register for updates directly from them (that web address is Buy BlackBerry Z10 - Order BlackBerry Smartphones Online - US).

    I am delighted to hear you are thinking about a new phone and are just waiting for that one special phone when it is released. I am sorry, but at this time I do not have any news about a Blackberry Z10 that I am able to share. Not because I have information and just don't have permission to share it, but literally because we have not been communicated any information about a Blackberry Z10. The best information I have available is the web address that was already provided above.
    02-11-13 09:11 PM
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