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    Been having a problem since I got my 8350i a couple of months ago.

    I have a Motorola HF850 hands free kit in the vehicle and a Phone Labs Dock-N-Talk at home (this is a device where you can use your cell phone as your home phone system by creating a link from the cell phone to your household wiring/phones).

    Anyway, the 8350i recognizes both of them as Hands-Free and Headset connections. The problem is that they don't appear to fully disconnect from one of them when switching to the other.

    For instance:

    When coming home it's connected to the HF850 in the car just fine. Park the car in the garage and shut the car off and it turns off the car kit but by this time it is also within range with the Phone Labs (PL) unit, so it does try to connect with that too. Walk into the house and the PL unit indicates that it is not connected but the 8350i indicates that it is (it says "Bluetooth connected" in the main "Manage Connections" screen and the PL is bolded on the "Paired Devices" screen). I go into the "Paired Devices" screen ("Bluetooth Options" in the "Manage Connections" menu) and do a quick disconnect from the PL unit and then it will reconnect fine.

    When leaving home it's the same in the other direction. 8350i is connected to the PL unit, start car and drive off and it appears to disconnect from the PL when I drive away, but the HF850 indicates it's not connected when the 8350i shows that it should be connected (indicators same as above). I have to do the same disconnect procedure on the "Paired Devices" screen to reset the phone and then also hit the pairing button on the HF850 to get try to pair again.

    I'm assuming it's having this problem because both devices are trying to make "handsfree" and "headset" connections at the same time and conflict with each other when they are both within the range of the 8350i.

    Is there some setting I can make somewhere to force it to only to connect to one of these devices at a time (ie. it has to FULLY drop one before it can connect with the other one)?

    I did not have this problem with the 7100i I had before. That would switch between the two just fine.
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