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    I did a search and I found a few threads that have the same issue...connecting to a wireless network with PEAP. I am at school and I can not get my 8900 to connect. When I scan for the wireless network, I can find it but it says WEP. The IT department said to manually set up a network to change the settings to PEAP. Our IT department does not have a solution for the issue as well. Here's what I was told:

    Security type: PEAP
    User name: PCLAB\username
    User password: ********
    CA certificate: <none selected>
    Inner link security: EAP-MS-CHAP v2
    Tolken: <none selected>
    Server subject: blank
    Server san: blank

    From there it should connect but instead I keep getting "Reason: W001(0): incorrect credentials". My laptop works flawlessly. There are instructions on how to set up an Iphone or an Itouch but nothing for a blackberry. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
    09-22-09 11:41 AM
  2. bogwart's Avatar
    I think I answered half of my own question. It appears it might be an issue with the CA certificate. I need to get the correct one from my school. What is th eeasiest way to get a certificate? How would one go about it?
    09-22-09 03:15 PM
  3. Error438's Avatar
    did you end up finding a solution? i am having a similar issue...
    10-13-09 06:23 PM
  4. krb65's Avatar
    same issue here, cant seem to connect to the wireless internet on campus but its not an issue when i go home
    11-23-09 02:51 PM