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    i have a linksys router that is wpa and has a password, how do i connect to it? my blackberry finds the network but it says like put the pin into the router? can't i just give the blackberry the router's password, or what?
    09-09-09 02:07 PM
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    Check the WiFi Guide link in my signature.
    09-09-09 02:26 PM
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    There are three posibilities for a "password"

    1). The password to access the router after you type into your PC (not the Blackberry) browser. You will see a screen that says Username: (probably admin) and Password: (user definable unfortunately).

    2). The WPA key this is stored inside the router and you will need to copy (copy/paste) this from the router into the target field on the phone. Tip: copy theis password to a text (notepad) file on your PC and use mass media mode to upload this file to the phone. You can also email it to yourself.

    3). The PIN (not the Blackberry's PIN) that is required by some newer routers and can be obtained two ways. a). by the phone generating it and then you type this into the router. b). the router generates one and applies it to the phone. There is often a button on the router that needs to be pressed at the same time you select the Push Button Setup on the phone. Some routers have a way of doing this from the PC's browser whilst you are connected to

    I am sorry if this is a bit unclear but different makes of routers implement this last option is slightly different ways.
    09-09-09 02:56 PM