1. Rar9's Avatar
    Hi Folks,

    Ive got a Qnap NAS that is running TwonkyMedia.

    Is there so software out there that is capable to connect to TwonkyMedia via the given DLNA or UPnP compatible protokoll?

    In addition would it then be possible to play back the selected music via the blackberry music gateway?

    looking forward for great answers,
    12-04-09 03:02 AM
  2. Bram Jeunink's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I've been searching for a good app for my Playbook a long time to.

    I also work with with a Twonky NAS Server @home (Sitecom). But there isn't much available for BB when it comes to media applications.
    I found 2 interessting programmes that can be usefull:

    1. Plex media server > Plex - A Complete Media Solution
    Install the server software on your computer (or maybe, when possible on your QNAP)
    Make a My Plex account and you can stream your movies, pictures and music from any place in the world when you have a good internet connection.

    2. KalemSoft Media > KalemSoft - Home
    This is a rather good media application with functions much a like Plex, but needs a little update by my opinion.

    3. MovieSRTPlayer
    Use this programme for your external .srt files. It works great.
    When you have a movie.mkv file, make sure you change the extension to movie.mp4. Else the SrtPlayer won't see the files.
    After that it will also play the .mkv files with EXTERNAL .srt.

    4. Problems when streaming video
    Most of my streaming video's are 720p or 1080p and i find it realy difficult to get the movies streams working propperly with both Plex and KalemSoft.
    They always play for a few minutes over the network, but after that the movies stop and they playbooks hangs ... or wathever it does...
    For music or pictures i never had any problems actually. It's something about the codecs and upnp buffer functions that aren't working in a right way when streaming video files.
    BlackBerry/RIM should do something about this...Also about the Wifi stability...

    5. Playing your files directly from your playbook works much better!!!
    No problems at all. It can actually deal with MKV files 1080p level 4.1 with DTS. >>> Thats a SUPER+ for Playbook!
    It's a pitty the Playbook cannot natively select other files in the mkv/mp4 container.

    6. Audio in movies
    If the audio from the movie won't play, because of it's extension (DTS, AC3 etc.) you could recode it to AAC 2.0 files. This Always works!

    7. Lucky nr.7: Tips
    Use MKVToolNix for editing your .mkv files. When you like to work with .mkv, this is the best there is on the market!!! SUPER SOFTWARE for both PC and MAC!

    Good luck!
    02-01-13 07:43 AM