1. Ian.H's Avatar
    Hi all..

    I've recently bought an 8520 Curve (first BB) as a PAYG phone with Orange (UK) with 5p/m BIS. It seems like for some reason, it doesn't like to connect to servers on low(ish) port numbers?

    I'm running PaderSyncSSH for example as I admin various *nix servers and it's sometimes convenient to be able to login while on the go. This works fine for all my personal servers as I run the SSH daemon on a high port number, however, my work servers are running on the default port, 22. I can connect to my servers fine, but not my work servers. To test this further, I changed the config of one of my own servers to run also on port 18. I was able to connect to this server using the high port number (60000+) but not on port 18.

    I was also trying to setup LogicMail (v1.1.0) to use IMAP / SMTP too, but this just throws a 'connection failed' error, which I suspect is due to the low port numbers used for mail also.

    I've tried searching both the 'net in general and the forums here to no avail. Does anyone have any info / advice for me regarding this issue?



    01-10-10 07:38 AM
  2. thorsten_s's Avatar
    The problem you are running into is caused by blocked ports when using BIS networking. Unfortunately many low ports are blocked by either RIM or the carrier. I am not sure which one to blame exactly
    I don't really see a workaround here if you have to use BIS, other than configuring servers to listen on high port numbers (maybe in addition to the default port). Obviously this is a problem if you don't have the rights to do that.
    01-20-10 11:44 AM
  3. Ian.H's Avatar
    Hi thorsten..

    Thanks for the info. I have root access to all the boxes that I admin, and maintain my own personal mailserver so can configure it as desired. Looks like adding extra ports seems to be the easiest option


    01-20-10 05:03 PM